The Concept

The main objectives for Hyperide are to:

– Generate exceptional profit margins by identifying opportunities through our exclusive network in the global market of supercars.

– Storing long-term investment value by holding a distinct portion of our collection for a longer duration, thus aiming for a higher return.

The unique access of the founders and advisors will benefit all the members of the community to gain awareness of the car market and the opportunities that it holds.

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Hyperide is a technological novelty and opportunity that combines the power of the future with the value of known, alternative assets.

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Revenue Streams

These are the initial revenue streams that we have identified. We currently also have the opportunity to create a special, limited edition with a very famous carmakers of supercars.

Asset Acquisition

Strategic Hubs

Auction Platforms

Events & Management

Membership Community

Branded and designed with Hyperide and pre-sold exclusively to our community. If carried out, this opportunity alone will catapult the name Hyperide to a very high level of credibility and esteem in the market, allowing us the capitalise even more for our community and its token holders.

The Team

Our team is entirely comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and the capacity to lead Hyperide on its path to success.

Token Distribution Chart

  • 5% Pre-ICO
  • 5% ICO Stage I
  • 4% ICO Stage II
  • 4% ICO Stage III
  • 52% 12 Month Float
  • 1% Airdrop Tokens
  • 7% Management
  • 13% Reserve

Hyperide is a trading name of Paladin Advisory Group AG, a Swiss registered company.

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